Space Patrol

Space Patrol

You can change into a space ranger in Space Patrol and go on space patrols while destroying alien spiders. You will occupy a planet in this game, each with its own population. Here, enormous spiders seriously harm earthly structures. Therefore, you have to patrol the area and chase away or eliminate any spiders that you find.

You'll follow a specific route. There will be terrible, extremely dangerous traps throughout the route that have the potential to finish the game. You will be armed with a formidable weapon and an incredible jet pack. Be prepared to combat any adversary head-on and defeat him quickly. Take out your weapons and finish each level with success!

How To Play

  • Press "A" to move left
  • Press "D" to move right
  • Press "W" to jump
  • Press "J" to Jet-Pack
  • Press "K" to Shoe-Jet 
  • Press "L" to shoot.


  • Players must carefully consider each move to avoid hazardous barriers because they only have three lives in total. Along the journey, you can also gather extra red lives in the shape of hearts.
  • Be cautious when navigating across each platform by using the speed bar.
  • To stay safe and conquer obstacles, pay close attention to every move that monsters make.

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