Turtle Quest

Turtle Quest

Enter Turtle Quest and embrace the adventure that awaits you! The game's narrative opens with the turtle and its owner leading contented lives. Suddenly, though, a well-known villain going by the moniker Typhoon materialized, hurling a flask filled with poisonous liquid. This made the owner seriously ill. You will play the role of a turtle, ready to go on a journey to find a precious potion to detoxify its owner. As you move, you will encounter countless mysterious traps set up for you. Stay vigilant and witty to get over these challenging barriers. Launch your thrilling journey to discover the remedy right now!


  • Stunning visuals and captivating tasks
  • Slinging ropes and firing boomerangs are two incredibly easy and fluid controls.
  • The heroic search for a remedy enthralls players.

How To Play

  • Click the up arrow to jump.
  • To move left, press the left arrow.
  • To move right, press the right arrow.
  • To shoot a boomerang, press A.
  • To distribute the wire, press S 
  • To release the parachute, press D.

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