Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag

Disclaimer: I don't possess Gorilla Tag; all that is shown here is a fan-made emulation version of Gorilla Tag created by LemmingVR. We encourage you to play the original game.

Join Gorilla Tag to feel the thrill of swinging through the virtual jungle by tagging others or being tagged. Ready to unleash your inner primate to become the ultimate gorilla.

What is Gorilla Tag 

Want to know what it's like to live like a gorilla in the deep jungle, climbing trees, and chasing like a real wild animal? Then Gorilla Tag may be the best fit for you. Gorilla Tag is an action, parkour, and tag game that puts you in a lively jungle with breathtaking scenery, where you become a gorilla and chase other players in a playground.

In this game of tag, every player is a gorilla that plays catch in any environment. It’s up to you to select a terrain of the chase that suits your favorite, from wild jungle to city. Try your best to stay away from the contagion; you won't be happy coping with it. There is an infected player whose mission is to tag others and infect them. Therefore, be aware and keep a sharp eye on other players to avoid being tagged and infected.

Gorilla Tag features exciting gameplay, varied modes, and a competitive edge. Whether you are playing by yourself in the jungle or in a competition, the game offers not only a lot of fun but many ways to improve skills as you progress. 

How To Play

One player will be selected to be the gorilla and located at the center of the playing area, while other players as the remaining gorilla form a line at one end. The game gets exciting and tricky when players have to find a way to get to the other side and avoid being eaten by the gorilla. Once a player is caught, he will take over as the new gorilla and repeat the same gameplay. Your game session ends when the gorilla gets the last player.

Players can run around the area, jump, and climb to avoid getting tagged. In the meantime, you should mark all your enemies because they may have plans and appear from nowhere and attack you by surprise.


To climb trees, swing from vines, and practice other actions in the hunt, you will use a keyboard and mouse or a gamepad to control your characters. If you are a new player, you should choose Casual Mode to start which allows you to practice using the keyboard to control your character. 

Game Modes 

Gorilla Tag has both single-player mode and multiplayer mode. The single-player mode is available in Casual Mode while Multiplayer mode includes Infection mode, Hunt mode, and Pain Brawl mode. 

  1. Casual: This single-player mode is primarily for private lobbies, socializing, and no taggers. In casual mode, the player doesn’t need to complete tasks, hunt or tag any gorilla. They just traverse the map freely to get used to the area, socialize with others, and most importantly, practice using the keyboard and mouse to control the character. 
  2. Infection: A Lava Monkey will chase the other players. If this monkey infects a player, they will become Lava Monkey. The game ends when everyone is caught. 
  3. Hunt: Every player tracks their secret target while avoiding being hunted. They use a customized hunt watch to track important information about their prey, such as color, cosmetics, name, and distance Ice Gorilla have to hinder and slow down the remaining hunters. If you are caught, you will transform into a slower-moving Ice Gorilla. When only two surviving gorillas left that didn't turn into Ice Gorillas, the round was over. 
  4. Paint brawl: Paint brawl is a paintball fight between two teams where players use slingshots to shoot paint at opponents. All brawlers are equipped with a slingshot and three balloons on their backs. If a combatant is hit by a slingshot, one of their balloons will pop. When all the balloons equipped are popped, this combatant transforms to Paint Gorilla. The round is over when everyone on the other team becomes Paint Gorillas.


Maps: Besides the various modes, the game also features a wide range of maps, including forests and jungles, cities, and deserts. In Gorilla Tag, these are very important because they set the scene for your virtual adventures which have their own unique design and obstacles. 

Boosters: You may find these temporary bonuses everywhere across the jungle and they'll help you out a lot. The use of these boosters, which might range from greater speed to the ability to climb walls, increases both the fun and the challenge of the game. These are your personal hacks that will help you during the rounds. But remember that you can only use boosters for a limited period of time.

Accessories: If you don't want to go around with the boring default look, you can buy accessories to make yourself stand out. There are 4 basic options for you: Hats, Badges, Faces, and Holdables (split into 6 different subcategories). Most accessories are bought with Shiny Rocks or seasonal DLC. In addition to the usual cosmetics, the game also has many seasonal cosmetics versions suitable for many different occasions and seasons, such as Halloween Cosmetics, Valentine's Cosmetics, Rainy Cosmetics, Under the Sun Cosmetics, etc. You can choose your best accessories based on your taste to show off your personality and feel more confident getting into the game. To buy accessories, you need to open the map and go to Nice Gorilla Store, pick up items then confirm the purchase in the confirmation window. 

DLC Bundles: DLC Bundles including Cosmetics and Shiny Rocks play as currency for purchasing goods. 

Types of Gorilla

  1. Lava Gorilla

If the player transforms into Lava Gorilla and sparks fire, they are infected or tagged. Only the Lava Gorillas' movement boosts decrease over time as more people are tagged.

  1. Rock Gorilla 

If tagged or infected, the player can also turn into a Rock Gorilla. When there are 3 or fewer Gorillas in a room, this Gorilla will replace the Lava Gorilla.

  1. Ice Gorilla

The player turns into Ice Gorilla after being hunted. This one is characterized by water dripping from all around the body. But as an Ice Gorilla, you can tag other players and make them lose energy. 

  1. Paint Gorilla

There are two different ways to become a Pain Gorilla. The first way is mentioned in Paint Brawl mode. The other way is when all your balloons are popped. This time, you have a speed advantage and be able to fatigue others by hitting them using the slingshot. 

How to Conquer the Jungle  

Gorilla Tag requires strategic planning and practice to master. If you want to survive in the jungle, here are some tips to help:

Use clues from the surroundings: The setting of Gorilla Tag offers many places to hide or get an edge over other players. You can surprise your opponent by hiding behind a tree or jumping off a hill or other natural objects. 

Select game modes that fit your skills: You can choose one of four game modes, including Casual, Infection, Hunt, and Paint Brawl. Casual mode is the best way to start if you are a beginner. The other two required more skills to win. If you are used to games that expect more challenges, you can choose the fast-paced Survival mode with one life to catch up with as many monkeys as possible.

Plan your tagging wisely: You should have a strategy for your tagging. Location selection is very important. When you are the gorilla that is chasing others, you had better tag them so quickly. If you are not fast enough to run away or hide in some spots, the gorilla you just tagged will have the chance to re-tag you. So, choose a suitable location, seize the opportunity to appear, and escape quickly after tagging another monkey.

Junking: Junking means going quickly to a place where other players didn't expect you to go. If you know how to junk all the time, it will be hard for other monkeys to catch you.

Communicate with your teammates: In multiplayer mode, it's important to work as a team. Use voice chat or in-game gestures to talk to your teammates and plan your moves. This will make the game even more fun and give you a better chance of winning.

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