Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag

Join Gorilla Tag Adventure to feel the thrill of climbing through the cyberpunk world with shimmering neon lights. Ready to unleash the inner primate!

Gorilla Tag Adventure: Scaling the Cyberpunk Skyline!

Gorilla Tag Adventure is an action-packed parkour game that puts players in a futuristic world with the most advanced industries and breathtaking scenery, where they become gorillas and set out on a journey to save the world from the inhumane rulers. The rocket-paced improvement of technology and related construction may leave players overwhelmed. However, it is unfortunate to know that this beautiful cyberpunk is the cause of serious consequences. It directly affects resources and life on earth. How to solve this problem now?

With your dexterity and patience, can you make your way through the complex, chaotic terrain of Gorilla Adventure one after another? In Gorilla Adventure, the player assumes the role of a gorilla on a quest for justice. Then, uncover the mysteries and destroy the villains' plot to destroy the earth in order to advance to life in outer space. Are you ready to crush all challenges and become the number one adventurer in this electronic world?

Challenging Platform Climbing Gameplay

Gorilla Tag Adventure features challenging, physics-based gameplay. This player's task is to do everything to use the hammer effectively and make the character move up to the beautiful cyberpunk. It's not easy because the terrain in this adventure game is extremely rugged. Luxurious cities with massive buildings or objects that even you don't understand how they can float in mid-air like that. However, don't worry too much about that; just find every possible strategy to climb up.

How to Control the Gorilla

  • Left click: Stick to a point and drag to move the character.
  • Hold the left mouse button: Hold the sledgehammer to rotate.
  • Release the finger: The character lands on the previous fulcrum.

Cool tip for winning is that the thrust depends on how far you pull the sledgehammer. The farther you pull, the stronger the thrust. However, because there is only a limited length, fulcrum alignment is extremely important. No need to go too far; safety comes first! Therefore, players should spend time on the first turn to get used to the controls. The most important thing when participating in Gorilla Tag Adventure is to be persistent and patient!

To Master Your Skills

Not only in the opening segment, players should take small steps to minimize risks. You don't want to fall when you're at the ideal height. So don't be hasty; after all, your goal is to conquer the game, not climb the fastest!

Besides pulling the character up from the fulcrum in higher positions, you can completely direct the hammer to the ground and trap the character to jump up. This direction of control is especially effective in steep terrain, typically on the second level.

Practice regularly to improve your skills. Of course, practice makes everything better! Once you become fluent with your key operations, Gorilla Tag Adventure becomes addictive without you realizing it.

The World's Genesis in Gorilla Tag Adventure

Gorilla Tag Adventure opens up a modern world like an extremely satisfying science fiction movie. Few people know that the truth behind the splendor of these luxury cities hides an inhumane crime. Set in the future of the earth, when technology penetrates almost every area of life. Hidden behind that advanced cover is condemnable research by people, especially the rulers and the rich. These evil people have turned animals into “machines” for resource exploitation. They forced these robots to work overtime in mines deep in the core of the earth. And Gorilla is one of the products of these unconventional experiments. Unable to bear this suffocating oppression, Gorilla decided to flee to the beautiful outside world (in his mind). But in reality,...

Gorilla's quest for the future begins!

The Foggy City of Pollution

Stepping onto the surface with the dream of finding a better life, Gorilla is shocked to realize the bitter reality. A mist that cannot disappear now covers the beautiful planet. Additionally, modern buildings no longer have the appearance of conventional structures. Floating cities carry quiet air that makes it difficult to breathe. There seems to be no trace of the natural environment left. Realizing that these modern buildings seemed to lead somewhere above the clouds, Gorilla decided to begin his journey to find the truth.

Jump through MotherShip Station

After reaching the location marked "Floor 1,"  Gorilla discovers a space portal and encounters the MotherShip. This is the connection point to the next challenge segment. Only after passing this pass can our character reach Future City and Heaven City. As expected, this floor poses significantly greater challenges than the first. Vertical structures do not have any safe support. The atmosphere continues to be strangely quiet. It seems like people here don't want to come into contact with the outside world. Or are they afraid of something bad? Unable to communicate, Gorilla continues his adventure to find out the reason himself.

The Space City

Endlessly trying, Gorilla finally overcomes obstacles to reach the third floor. It is not simple and the terrain is still a significant obstacle. But Gorilla decided not to give up. Here, the gorilla robot discovers a mysterious city in outer space, where the last barrier against stardust and solar rays has shattered, revealing a calm but dangerous space. The atmosphere here has the look of an abandoned city, where life seems to have disappeared in the darkness of war and bottomless human greed. Radiation spread everywhere, marking the end of all existence.

Finally, the most anticipated moment has arrived. Use the hammer to break the glass door and enter the base. Another truth that shocked this machine creature - this... is not the end!

The Last Mysterious 

That's right, the mysterious figures behind the chaos seemed to have disappeared, leaving behind a trail of questions and uncertainty. Will this story forever remain a mystery?

Yet, Gorilla has uncovered a mysterious satellite system suspended in the sky. This system unveiled the dark conspiracy of the villains, far beyond anyone's imagination. Their intent was not only to deplete Earth's resources but also to target life beyond the cosmos, turning Gorilla and Earth's people into victims of their evil plot.

Gorilla's journey in Gorilla Tag Adventure continues. This is just the dawn of a new era where Gorilla find the way to heal the Earth and restore its splendor! The adventure of Gorilla is still unfolding, promising challenging trials and secrets yet to be revealed.

Join Gorilla on this arduous yet glorious journey in Gorilla Tag Adventure!

Adventure in the Bewitching Cyberpunk Feature

Not only does it have unique gameplay, but Gorilla Tag Adventure also overwhelms with its top-notch graphic design:

  • The game impresses with top-notch graphic design.
  • Futuristic cities with neon lights create an immersive atmosphere.
  • Meticulous attention to detail brings the world to life.
  • Mastering the controls allows for impressive maneuvers.
  • Gorilla Tag Adventure offers a blend of chaos and sophistication.
  • Players can develop their gaming skills and challenge themselves.

Expand Your Physics-Based Platform Game Collection

Although the journey in Gorilla Adventure is still ongoing, new features cannot be added immediately. During this waiting period, you can enjoy other entertainment with similar physics-based gameplay. Taking a break from future travel and looking for a climbing challenge? Enjoy two typical and well-known games with challenging climbing gameplay:

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Don't forget to check the Gorilla Tag Adventure platform regularly to quickly access the latest challenges!