Shadow Quest

Shadow Quest

Shadow Quest is an exciting adventure game in which you will have to overcome a very dangerous quest. You will enter a secret cave in the game where three witches reside. A monster materializes that seeks to usurp their authority. The monsters will kidnap the witches themselves if they do not choose to do so. The monster removed one of the three witches since the other two did not agree. Together with saving the young witch, you'll flee this dangerous location. You have to move from gate to gate, avoid getting struck by flying arrows fired by cannons, and hop over obstacles. There are deadly traps in dark caverns. Are you prepared to start this rescue mission with courage?

How To Play

To maneuver the character, avoid obstacles, and finish the level, use the arrow keys.

Answer Some Common Questions

Q: Which in-game ability is the most crucial?

A: The ability to plan every step is the most crucial. Every object and threat in this game are visible. This allows you enough time to respond appropriately and make plans to be out of harm's way.

Q: How many game levels are there?

A: An exciting 10-level game, helping you continuously improve and grow. To determine how many rounds there will be, you can keep track of the number of buildings that can be built on the main map.

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