Bulb Boy

Bulb Boy

In the game Bulb Boy, control the character of a bulb and embark on an adventurous adventure. To save your buddies in this game, you'll need to have guts and be willing to take chances. The legend goes that one evening, all of the city's electrical wires got inexplicably twisted, shattering all of the light bulbs. Your character will go fix and reconnect electrical wires to bring power back to the city in order to save it.

It is your responsibility to connect every cable at every level. You will need to locate a plug and place it into an outlet—probably close by—in order to accomplish this. It will be somewhat challenging because, on occasion, determining which plug to put in the outlet requires a lot of thought. There is only one wire in the plug, and its length varies.

If your character moves too much, it will become less powerful. This adds to the game's complexity. Hence, keep an eye on the game's bottom block's energy level and charge it as soon as possible at the only places where a lightning icon appears. Unlock the door and take into account every aspect necessary to complete the task. This is your mission: assist the city in getting back to the days when it had electricity!

How To Play

  • To move, use the arrow keys.
  • To interact, press the Space or E keys.
  • To restart, use the R key.

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