Red Ball 4: Vol. 1

Red Ball 4: Vol. 1

Red Ball 4: Vol. 1 challenges you to defend your country and its borders from gray cube invaders. You will encounter numerous challenging obstacles and traps in this game, such as perilous gray blocks. To regain the protection of your kingdom, you will need to declare war on them and prepare for combat. It will be enjoyable and tough!

On your journey, you'll encounter numerous challenges, some of which need to be cleared. There will be many enemies, so you must plan ahead and think through every strategy to beat them. Keep in mind that adversaries cannot come into contact with the red ball. As a result, you must defend yourself with the given weapons as soon as you approach an opponent. The path will get harder with each level, so gather stars to increase your point total.

Tips and Tricks

It would be ideal if you applied all of your knowledge and creativity. This will improve your chances of success and assist you in escaping the most perilous and urgent situations. The gray cube and other harmful creatures can be taken out with a grenade, hammer, or accurate gunfire.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys and wasd to move.
  • W and S keys to climb stairs
  • Press the C key to use a hammer
  • F-key to shoot
  • Press the G key to use the bomb.
  • Press the T key to jet pack.
  • L key to skip levels
  • Use the mouse to perform other actions on the screen.

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