Snail Bob 3: Egypt Journey

Snail Bob 3: Egypt Journey

Snail Bob 3: Egypt Journey is an entertaining adventure game where you have to assist Bob in returning home safely. Your snail is taking part in the exhibition about Egypt. Bob, however, found himself drawn into a mystical gateway and sent to the pyramidal realm. In this game, do you have the necessary skills to make your snail unlock the gate and make a safe return?

Bob needs your assistance to navigate through strange environments that are chock-full of obstacles. Get ready for a lot of sand, antiquated traps, and possibly even a furious mummy. To move the platform, click on the various levers, buttons, and pistons. To escape, you'll also need to unlock gates and disable lasers. Unlock all of the historical pieces of art in the gallery by finding the hidden stars in each level.

Immerse In Entrancing Features

  • There are twenty distinct stages in the game, each full of hazards.
  • Bright two-dimensional images with dimensional obstructions
  • Explore and take in the breathtaking artwork in the gallery.

How To Play

To overcome obstacles, move your character using the mouse. To have Bob retreat into his shell and protect the road as you proceed, click on Bob. You can allow him to carry on traveling to his destination once it's safe. Aim to complete each level with three stars. Are you able to succeed?

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