Save Obby And Noob Two players

Save Obby And Noob Two players

Take part in a thrilling two-player prison breakout adventure with Save Obby And Noob Two players. This is an exciting game that calls for quick thinking, strategy, and teamwork. To retrieve the key in this game, you must navigate perilous passageways and obstacles. You are able to get out of jail because of that. You must gather every coin that is strewn around the stages in order to advance, which adds an element of exploration and rewards to your choices. Begin your release from prison right now!


There's always danger around the corner. TNT explosives that drop from above can kill you at any time, so use caution around them. The strategically placed obstacles in the game will test your dexterity and coordination. The protagonist will come across a variety of animals in addition to the typical spikes and spaces between platforms. Although they appear innocuous, running into them will not bring you luck.

How To Play

Two players can play the game at once, with each controlling a different character:

  • WASD keys are used by Player Gray (Obby) to move.
  • The arrow keys are used by player Steve (Noob) to move.

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