Alex And Steve Miner Two Player

Alex And Steve Miner Two Player

Play the Alex And Steve Miner Two Player game to help Alex and Steve escape the dangerous cave system. To exit this maze network, one must overcome innumerable barriers and difficulties. To get out of the cave with a pal, you must cooperate. There is only one cart that can travel along the path, so your two characters have to move in tandem. Now is the perfect time to begin your thrilling journey!

The Game Rules

Use the arrow keys for the other player and the WASD keys for the first to move and jump. Since Alex is stuck, Steve has to gather every single black pixel in order to make a portal that would allow Alex to escape. The two characters will cross paths after passing through that gate, and in order to advance to the next level, they must pass through the third and last gate. Be cautious with TNT, falling into holes or water, and any other hazards. The game ends, and you have to start over if either of your two characters dies.

How To Play

  • To move, press the arrow and WASD keys. 
  • To pass each level, you must go in the correct order. 
  • To obtain the box, use E. 
  • To open the valve, hold down the L key.

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