Easy Obby Girl Friend

Easy Obby Girl Friend

Play the hard-adventure game Easy Obby Girl Friend with Obby and his girlfriend. Without warning, the twisted world that Obby and his lover are traversing transforms into a difficult obstacle course. A couple will be waiting for you at the start of your adventure. All that's left is to get going; green arrows indicate the route ahead. Acquire unique skills that enhance their speed and jumping ability as you progress. Every level must be completed by both heroes; if either of them messes up, the level must be replayed.

Guide To Play

  • Obby and his girlfriend will need your help navigating difficulties as a team of three.
  • Slide, leap, and move around with the arrow keys.
  • Gather superpower cards hidden at various levels in an effort to get superpowers.
  • Get both characters to the end of the level without dying.

Tips And Tricks

The secret to winning this game is to work well with your teammates. A true test of speed and cooperation awaits you on this extraordinary adventure. The track may appear easy, but it really has some serious obstacles that will test your mettle.

How To Play

  • To control Obby, use the arrow keys.
  • Control Girl Friend with the WASD keys.

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