Elves Clan: Tricky Adventure

Elves Clan: Tricky Adventure

In the game Elves Clan: Tricky Adventure, you take on the roles of three mischievous elves: Triky, Friky, and Kiki. You must overcome obstacles to reach your objective safely. They are traveling a great distance in order to trick Chicho. Thus, they set out on a perplexing journey that is fraught with peril. It's your job to dodge harmful opponents, gather toothy Piranha happy faces, and jump across platforms. Are you prepared to have fun and turn into a villain?

Given the comparable gameplay, this game would be a lot of fun for lovers of Mario. Along the route, there will be plenty of surprises—sometimes amusing ones. With intricate animations and breathtaking visuals, the game will completely engross you in a singular experience. Play now to uncover mysteries and defeat the cutest foes. Aim to stay out of harm's way because obstacles will arise everywhere.

Gather the coins that appear as you go. You will gain from it as well, because your chances of winning increase with the amount you gather. Beware of certain seemingly harmless and adorable traps; it's best to stay away from them. Are you up for the challenge and eager to embark on this thrilling journey?


  • Extremely tough, enjoyable, and rapidly addictive game
  • A straightforward and easy-to-use platformer featuring Mario-like gameplay
  • A distinct graphic aesthetic with lovely levels and attire

How To Play

  • Move with the arrow keys and leap with the spacebar.

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