World Of Blocks 3D

World Of Blocks 3D

Jump into simulation action with first-person design in World Of Blocks 3D! This game promises a distinct setting in an attempt to pique your creative spirit. You have access to a vast array of materials, so you can create whatever you can imagine.

In this game, you are free to let your imagination run wild. a location where you are free to establish your own little town or village. Utilize resources, construct homes and other structures, and expand your lands. Make the area, where only trees flourish and wild creatures prowl around, a desirable location to live. The inventory of the game is filled with numerous buildings and tools. They can help you save time when gathering various materials and blocks.

Should you grow weary of creating and developing, you can also demolish undesirable blocks, terrain, and structures with your weapons and bombs. Without any restrictions, everything is up to your thoughts. Take a shovel and go to work creating your village right now!


  • Building structures and utilizing tools are relatively easy tasks.
  • To save time, use pre-made buildings.
  • Build or demolish blocks as desired.

How To Play

  • Move = WASD
  • Run = Shift left
  • Open block table = Q
  • Change block row = Tab
  • Select block = 12345678
  • Hit block = LMB
  • Rotate block = R
  • Set brick = X
  • Block generation = RMB
  • Bend down = C
  • Torch = L
  • Interaction = T
  • Throw = G
  • Pause = Esc
  • Turn music on or off = O
  • Flight mode = F

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