Water Shootouts

Water Shootouts

Take on an exciting adventure in the game Water Shootouts with a potent water cannon. This is an exciting platform game that combines action with underwater combat. In this game, you will be equipped with a multi-purpose water gun. This gun is not only used to take down opponents but also to perform tactical maneuvers such as freezing enemies or using jets to move obstacles. Your mission is very simple: use a water gun to defeat enemies and collect desirable coins.

You can choose to adventure alone or side by side with teammates in intense 3v3 battles. Enhance your gaming experience by accessing the in-game store. Here, you can use the coins you earn to dress your character and upgrade your water gun. All aimed at becoming the number one water gun shooter.

Tips To Win

Strategy, precision, and quick thinking are very important when you want to win this game. In addition, managing your water resources is equally important. Keep a close eye on the water level in your backpack to ensure you have enough ammo to fight enemies. Are you ready to enter this uncompromising battle?

How To Play

  • WASD or arrow keys to move,
  • Shoot and kick with the spacebar
  • Launch the bubble by long-pressing the 'K' key.
  • Deploy the bomb with 'B'

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