Noob: Zombie Prison Escape

Noob: Zombie Prison Escape

In Noob: Zombie Prison Escape, your goal is to assist Noob in getting out of a zombie-filled prison. The game's protagonist, Noob, finds himself imprisoned in a terrifying house filled with monsters. Your goal is to assist him in breaking out of his zombie-infested jail by locating keys and coins, resolving puzzles, dodging obstacles, and employing parkour techniques to navigate the various platforms.

You'll have to attempt to eliminate every creature, finish tasks, and overcome a variety of obstacles. In your quest for the gold coins and keys you need to escape, you'll have to battle monsters, including zombies, vines, and nasty skeletons. The prison is teeming with traps, including rotating saw blades, crumbling blocks, and trap doors. As you advance through the stages, they will get more difficult. Therefore, in order to overcome obstacles, you must engage your brain more. Be careful that monsters don't ambush you!

This game also includes six unique challenge levels, ten maze puzzle levels, and upbeat background music. You are free to play through all those thrilling levels. Try your hand at helping Noob break out of prison by starting the game right now!

How To Play

  • Mouse = Look around
  • Run and jump with the arrow keys.
  • E = Engage with the objects
  • Q = Change up your weapon.

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