Mr. Dude: King Of The Hill

Mr. Dude: King Of The Hill

In Mr. Dude: King Of The Hill, you play a legendary criminal who would do anything to avoid justice. The people living in that peaceful area were waiting for him to turn himself in to the authorities when he found himself stuck atop a mountain. As you go along the top of the mountain, you will encounter opponents. You will control your character to attack them and force them to tumble to the bottom of the mountain. Will you be able to keep him alive?

You have a ton of exciting stages ahead of you. Before the locals call the police at each level, you must neutralize every one of them. Use anything at your disposal to strike your opponents. Fight as hard as you can, attempt to get the phone they're using to contact the cops, and use physics to pull and toss them into the vacuum while knocking them out. Destroy communication towers to prevent residents from contacting the police. You will score points for taking down characters; the number of points varies. Gold coins that are won over by opponents will drop, and you'll need them to power up your hero. Get enough fascinating points to enhance the qualities of your character.

Immerse In Entrancing Features

  • Savor lifelike 3D imagery and captivating 3D settings.
  • The realistic gameplay experience is enhanced by the first-person mode.
  • Numerous adversaries show up to cause destruction.

 How To Play

  • WASD, big moving arrow
  • Space to dance, wake up
  • F to pick up an item
  • G to eat food
  • E to climb
  • Q to inventory
  • Left mouse button to hit/throw/shoot
  • The right mouse button aims
  • 1, 2 to switch items

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