Monkey Quest

Monkey Quest

Welcome to Monkey Quest, the game where adorable and cunning monkeys live! You will take part in thrilling adventures with the jungle's residents in this game. The game's protagonist is a monkey who picks up a heavy stone hammer and goes to work. A hostile and malevolent monkey will attempt to hurt your monkey so he won't be able to cross the finish line and find the reward. It is your task to assist your character in completing all tasks, gathering cash, and making it to the finish line without incident. Have fun with the game and start your journey!

You will go to the one island that you first had access to. Additionally, you can only select one monkey to play with; however, you can select a new participant after earning 1500 coins. You have to locate the enormous wealth that is concealed on this island. To do it, you must complete every level on this idyllic island.

There are a lot of obstacles, traps, and monsters on the island, making the game difficult. Gain a lot of points to unlock new character keys, gear, and weapons. You can purchase additional weapons and benefits from the settings to help you advance through the game and take down more difficult opponents.

How To Play

  • Use the mouse to make a choice.
  • Arrow keys to move
  • Space key to leap
  • Press the X key to attack.

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