Mad Dash

Mad Dash

Mad Dash is a rhythm-action platformer that will put your reflexes and strategy to the test. In this game, you will find yourself stuck in one of the galaxy's final mazes. To escape, you must jump and rush over perilous hazards to navigate this maze. With escalating complexity levels, this game will be impossible to overlook.

Many of the platforms are too far apart for a simple jump. To jump across platforms and defeat foes rapidly, you must use the correct calculations. You will use control arrows to direct your character ahead down the course, conquering different obstacles and traps. Collect numerous things and gold coins along the journey.

It is critical to overcome hurdles and vanquish adversaries. Use your sharp vision to anticipate adversary moves and obstacle cycles. Be patient and strategize your tactics, especially during hard boss encounters.


  • Fast-paced gaming creates excitement.
  • Complex landscapes, ranging from high mountains to ancient temples, offer numerous hard experiences.
  • The difficulty level increases as you progress.

How to play

  • To move and leap, use the W,A,S,D, or Arrow keys. Press the spacebar to dash.

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