Heads Mayhem

Heads Mayhem

Heads Mayhem is a thrilling multiplayer platform shooter. Engage in fast-paced combat with AI or challenge friends in local multiplayer for up to four players.
As soon as the game begins, each player has only five lives, so be prepared to use weapons to defeat all of your opponents and force them off the platform. The primary weapons you employ are guns and bombs, which you use to traverse the platforms, eliminate adversaries while dodging their shots, and destroy them. If you come across additional beneficial upgrades, tools, or items, be sure to grab them and then use them to your advantage. In this game, you'll find eight challenging maps and a vast arsenal of potent weapons.

How To Play

Player 1 / Player 2 / Player 3 / Player 4

  • Arrows / WASD / IJKL / Num4, Num6, Num8, Num2: move
  • M / H / P / Num0: shoot
  • N / G / O / Num1: throw bomb


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