Dino Huntress

Dino Huntress

In the Dino Huntress game, you can hunt dinosaurs and their eggs like a fearless hunter. This thrilling prehistoric adventure takes place in ancient times. You will receive a handgun that is loaded with unique ammunition. With a single blow, they may immediately eliminate a massive dinosaur.

It is your goal to gather every coin and egg you come across. Use your weapons and bonuses to safely reach your target while avoiding hostile opponents. You can pass all eight of the game's levels. There are numerous challenges in store. Remain vigilant at all times, as the adversary could be anyone. Although birds can be deadly as well, you can simply kill the dinosaur by jumping on them. It will assault you if you don't attack, bringing you back to the level's starting point.

Are you prepared to accompany your character on a thrilling adventure? To advance to the next game level, all that's left to do is find the exit stone. You will also gain fifty points for each egg in addition to the eggs. All of the coins that are in the path will be collected by you. Test your abilities!

How To Play

On a desktop

  • Move with the arrow keys or the A and D keys.
  • To leap, use the W or up arrow keys.
  • To shoot, press the spacebar.

With regard to mobile gadgets

  • Press the buttons on the screen.
  • To jump higher, hold down the jump button.
  • A double-pressing jump will cause you to jump twice.

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