Car Eats Car 2

Car Eats Car 2

In Car Eats Car 2, assist your vehicle in escaping from hostile vehicles that are attempting to harm you. You will take part in the race car battle in this game and attempt to eat other race cars. As a tiny racing car engaged in combat, you will have to eat your opponents to get stronger. Nobody dares to consume you when you get stronger!

To finish each level, you must drive down the road. A car on the road has the ability to engulf a smaller vehicle and grow enormous and strong. The only thing that will help you survive in this world are your slim chances of standing up and swallowing other cars.

Upgrade Your Car

To get enough power to move up the ranks, you will need to modify your vehicle. Boost the performance of combat vehicles and sharpen your driving abilities. To combat big vehicles, you can provide resistance to explosives and bullets, as well as armor. There's more to the truck race than just comparing speed and racing prowess. It tests your strength to swallow other vehicles as well.

Explore The Creative Features

  • You're in for a treat with over 20 insanely fun new levels featuring racing tasks and four fantastical realms to explore.
  • Your comprehensive progress monitoring data is shown on the screen.
  • Get awesome add-ons and boosters to improve your vehicle.

How To Play

  • Use arrow keys to drive

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